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Chris Read Discography

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‘Boutique Beats: A Tribute to MCA’

  • Release date: 2012-05-10
  • Label: N/A

Predictably, the internet has been awash with MCA / Beastie Boys tribute mixes in the days that have passed since the untimely passing of Adam Yauch. I’ve listened to many, enjoyed a few but, as I often do, felt the need to put my own mark on it all. So, in less than 24 hours I set about putting together ‘Boutique Beats’, not your standard ‘best of’, but a collection of some of my favourites, laced with original breaks sampled by the Beastie Boys (largely but not exclusively for the Paul’s Boutique album), acapellas, remixes and plenty else besides.


1. Rose Royce – 6 O’Clock Dj
2. Beastie Boys – Paul Revere
3. Beastie Boys – The Biz vs The Nuge
4. Beastie Boys – Professor Booty
5. Jimmy Smith – I’m Gonna Love You Just A Little Bit More
6. Beastie Boys – 3 The Hard Way (Acapella)
7. Black Oak Arkansas – Hot And Nasty
8. Ronnie Laws – Tell Me Something Good
9. Beastie Boys – An Open Letter to NYC (Acapella)
10. Donny Hathaway – Magnificent Sanctuary Band
11. Beastie Boys – Johnny Ryall
12. David Bromberg – Sharon
13. Beastie Boys feat Q Tip – Get It Together
14. Beastie Boys feat Q Tip – Get It Together (Buckwild Remix)
15. Beastie Boys feat Q Tip – Get It Together (Remix #2 Instrumental)
16. Grand Funk – Nothing Is The Same
17. Alan Moorhouse – Soul Skimmer
18. Alphonze Mouzon – Funky Snakefoot
19. Beastie Boys – Rhyme (Acapella)
20. Beastie Boys – Shake Your Rump
21. Jimmy Smith – Root Down (And Get It)
22. Beastie Boys – Root Down (Acapella)
23. Beastie Boys – Shadrach
24. Sly and the Family Stone – Loose Booty
25. Jeremy Steig – Howling For Judy
26. Beastie Boys – Right Now (Acapella)
27. Harvey Sales – Dancing Room Only
28. Β Average White Band – Cut The Cake
29. Beastie Boys – Ch-Check It Out (Just Blaze Remix Acapella)
30. Zapp – So Ruff, So Tuff
31. Curtis Mayfield – Superfly
32. Beastie Boys – Egg Man
33. Bernard Herman – Suite for Strings
34. MCA – VMA Acceptance Speech
35. Beastie Boys – Something’s Got To Give
36. Steve Martin – My Real Name