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Chris Read Discography


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‘Fat City x Breakin Bread Guest Mix: New Afro Scene’ Mixtape

  • Release date: 2011-10-05
  • Label: Breakin Bread x Fat City

When Fat City selected my second 7″ single for Breakin Bread ‘Sons D’Afrique’ b/w ‘Dub Afrique’ as their Record of the Week it was only right that I put together another guest mix for them … and so here it is. 30 minutes of mostly new Afro Rhythms including both tracks from my new single.

In the first week of release, the single has graced Turntable Lab NY’s top 5 ‘tracks of the moment’ and is currently topping Fat City’s dancefloor best seller’s chart. The record is available from Fat City, Kudos, Juno, Picadilly, Phonica and all the usual outlets. A download version is available from iTunes and all reputable online services!

Fat City x Breakin Bread guest mix: “New Afro Scene” by Chris Read (Musicofsubstance) on Mixcloud