Chris Read Discography

Chris Read Discography


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Classic Material x Spine TV 80s Electro Bonus Mix

  • Release date: 2010-11-01
  • Label: Classic Material

Bridging the gap between the disco rap of the early 80s and the early sample based hip hop of the mid to late 80s (featured on the 2 mixes we put together for Classic Material Edition #1) is a rich groove of drum machine led rap tracks characterised by the raw stripped down sound of bass heavy 808 kicks and snappy hand claps. But somewhere else in the melting pot of music released in that same era is the unlikely blend of fast paced electronic beats, funk, rap and leftfield European electronica that formed the electro scene of the day. Whilst the sub-genres are plentiful, this mix doesn’t concentrate too heavily on any one of them; West Coast dancefloor cuts from the likes of Egyptian Lover rub shoulders with European pioneers Kraftwerk and other US electro rap and electro funk. As with all the Classic Material mixes, classic cuts stand alongside the rare and lesser heard.

Classic Material x Spine TV 80s Electro Bonus Mix by Chris Read (Musicofsubstance) on Mixcloud