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Chris Read Discography


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‘Ear This’ Mix CD for Breakin Point Magazine

  • Release date: 2001-06-01
  • Label: Breakin Point

Released about one month prior to the “Substance presents Lyric Superbrand” compilation, this mix put together by Mr Thing for Breakin Point magazine came as a free gift on the magazine’s best selling issue. The mix featured Mad Flow and Chris Read’s “It’s The Who?” (recorded for that compilation) under licence from Different Drummer recordings. The 20 track mix features a selection of cuts that were brand new at the time of release from artists including J Rawls, J Live, Ty, Unsung Heroes, L Fudge, Jehst, Al Tariq and many others. Long out of print, you can still find copies from time to time on Discogs where you can also check out the full track listing.