Colo(u)rs of the World

Colo(u)rs of the World

Album, supporting singles and mixtape in collaboration with Chicago vocalist Pugs Atomz, released on BBE Records. Features guest appearances from Thaione Davis, Simeon Viltz, Juice Aleem, Wes Restless, Neak, Mojo Green, Inari Gold, Awdazcate and Junior P Williams. Artwork by Leon Nockolds

  1. Colo(u)rs of the World LP Listen

  2. Colo(u)rs of the World Promo Mix Listen

  3. Drum Roll EPListen

  4. Chocolate Milk EPListen

  5. Baby Don’t Go 7″ Single Listen

  6. Taken Out (Bonus Track) Listen

  7. Feels Right (Non-Album Track) Listen

  8. Drum Roll Video Watch