Suburban Architecture ‘Visions E.P’ Promo Mix

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Blurb from Suburban Architecture:

“In support of the release of our debut E.P ‘Visions’, we’ve put together this 10 track mix containing all 4 tracks from E.P plus a selection of current favourites from contemporary producers also drawing influence from the sounds of 90s Suburbia: Sully, Coco Bryce, SPY and Breakage.”

Track list:

1. Suburban Architecture – Visions ’96
2. Sully – Solitaire
3. Coco Bryce – Never As Good As The First Time
4. Suburban Architecture – Equilibrium
5. Sully – Vacancy
6. Suburban Architecture – Cubic Nature
7. Sully – Digitalis
8. Suburban Architecture – Pulses
9. SPY – Midnight Blue
10. Breakage – Spread Out

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