Chris Read Discography

Chris Read Discography

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Chris Read & Pugs Atomz – ‘Chocolate Milk EP’

  • Release date: 2017-02-24
  • Label: BBE

Blurb from BBE:

“Heralding their forthcoming and hotly anticipated album ‘Colo(u)rs Of The World’, UK DJ/producer Chris Read and Chicago rapper Pugs Atomz offer up ‘Chocolate Milk / Black Nite’, their debut release together as a duo.
Featuring Neak & Mojo Green, irrepressibly catchy future-soul track ‘Chocolate Milk’ combines jazzy electric piano samples with raw, bumping beats and intricate wordplay.

‘Black Nite’ showcases the impressive vocal talents of Awdazcate & Inari Gold, supplying a sweet counterpoint to the insistent rhythm and smokey nature of the track. Birmingham beat-maker Myke Forte delivers shimmering, synth-driven, boogie-soul versions of each track; more re-imaginings than straight up remixes. Instrumental versions of both originals and remixes are included in the package, providing handy DJ tools for those of a soulful persuasion.”


1. Chocolate Milk (Album Version)
2. Chocolate Mike (Myke Forte Remix)
3. Black Nite feat Awdazcate & Inari Gold (Album Version)
4. Black Nite feat Awdazcate & Inari Gold (Myke Forte Remix)
5. Chocolate Milk (Album Instrumental)
6. Chocolate Mike (Myke Forte Instrumental)
7. Black Nite (Album Instrumental)
8. Black Nite (Myke Forte Instrumental)