Chris Read Discography

Chris Read Discography

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Chris Read & Pugs Atomz ‘Drum Roll’

  • Release date: 2017-04-07
  • Label: BBE
  • Catalog #: BBE387SDG2

Blurb from BBE:

“The second single taken from their debut album ‘Colo(u)rs Of The World‘, UK producer Chris Read & Chicago rapper Pugs Atomz present one of the album’s unquestionable highlights, languid hip hop anthem ‘Drum Roll‘. Nostalgic and deeply touching, ‘Drum Roll’ is a smooth horn-laden boom-bap epic, summoning up memories of all that was great about rap’s golden era. A heavily swung synth reworking by Myke Forte and a warm, jazzy mix by Italy’s Sup Nasa accompany ‘Drum Roll’, while instrumental versions of both remixes provide rich pickings for DJs and beat-purists.

Second original track ‘Nice and Easy‘ provides a blunted party groove whilst showcasing the complex, polyrhythmic rhyme skills of Pugs Atomz at his very best.”


1. Drum Roll feat Wes Restless (Album Version)
2. Drum Roll feat Wes Restless (Myke Forte Remix)
3. Drum Roll feat West Restless (Sup Nasa Remix)
4. Nice & East feat Wes Restless & Juice Aleem (Album Version)
5. Drum Roll (Myke Forte Instrumental)
6. Drum Roll (Sup Nasa Remix)