Chris Read Discography

Chris Read Discography

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‘Classic Material Edition #11 (1997)’ Mixtape

  • Release date: 2011-09-01
  • Label: Classic Material

Edition#11 of our monthly Classic Material series pays tribute to the hip hop of 1997, a year which many associate with the dawn of the so called ‘Indie’ era. The music of 1997 set the stage the development of two distinct sounds over the following years, the underground independent sound nurtured by labels such as Correct, ABB and Rawkus and the commercial sound of the major labels typified by the output of artists such as Jay Z, Foxy Brown and others. Whilst the independent productions of the likes of Shawn J Period and DJ Hi Tek certainly broke new ground, the commercial output should not be written off, with novel sample sources still playing an important role (see Lord Tariq & Peter Gunz’ use of Steely Dan or Lil Kim’s use of Jeff Lorber for example). Notable albums include, of course, Biggie’s seminal ‘Life After Death’ and at the other end of the spectrum Jurassic 5’s debut ‘J5’ EP and Company Flow’s leftfield classic ‘Funcrusher Plus’.


1. Classic Material Intro (Leaders of the New School – Classic Material)
2. O.C. feat Bumpy Knuckles – Win the G (Excerpt)
3. Black Attack – Correct Technique (Instrumental)
4. Chris Read – Theme #3 (Scratchapella)
5. Rakim – Remember That (Instrumental)
6. X-Perado – Verbal Reality (Acapella)
7. Mic Geronimo – For Tha Family
8. O.C. – The Chosen One (Skit Instrumental)
9. X-Ecutioners – Musica Negra (Acapella)
10. Beatnuts – Intermission
11. X-Perado – The Entity (Acapella)
12. Artifacts – The Ultimate
13. Rakim – It’s Been a Long Time
14. Gang Starr – You Know My Steez
15. Gang Starr feat Kurupt & Lady of Rage -You Know My Steez (Remix)
16. D.I.T.C -Day One (Instrumental)
17. Executioners – Word Play (Acapella)
18. Ghetto Professionals present Brick City Kids – Brick City Kids (Instrumental)
19. A.D.O.R – Enter the Center (Acapella)
20. Al Tariq – Think Not
21. Beatnuts – Do You Believe?
22. Alkaholiks – Liquidation
23. Organized Konfusion – Somehow, Someway (Instrumental)
24. LL Cool J feat Methd Man, Redman, DMX & Master P – 4, 3, 2, 1 (Acapella)
25. Organized Konfusion – Questions (Instrumental)
26. Sadat X – Famalame (Instrumental)
27. Notorious BIG – I Got a Story to Tell (Instrumental)
28. Oran Juice Jones feat Camp Lo – Poppin That Fly (Instrumental)
29. Red Foo & Dre Kroon feat Evidence – The Freshest (DJ Revolution Remix)
30. Mos Def – Universal Magnetic