Chris Read Discography

Chris Read Discography

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‘Classic Material Edition #2 (1988)’ Mixtape

  • Release date: 2010-11-01
  • Label: Classic Material

Edition #2 of our monthly Classic Material series pays tribute to the hip hop of 1988, a year which many consider the ‘golden year’ of the late 80s. As samplers took over from drum machines as the producer’s tool of choice, the James Brown drum sound ruled supreme and lyrical subject matter explored new territory. With seminal (and at the time controversial) album releases from the likes of Public Enemy and NWA, this was a year that changed hip hop forever. This mix features classic and some lesser known cuts from singles and albums released in 1988. The CD version includes two bonus mixes!

The Classic Material Edition #2 club night takes place at City Arts and Music Project, City Road, London on Sat Nov 20th 2010 with DJs Andy Smith (Portishead), Chris Read (Music of Substance), Nickname (Droppin Science) and Danny Delta (Headshell) playing nothing but 1988 Hip Hop! Doors 9pm til 3am. Entry is FREE!


1. Classic Material Intro
2. Kool G Rap & DJ Polo – Truly Yours
3. Chris Read – Theme #1 Scratchapella
4. Bomb the Bass – Megablast (Excerpt)
5. Public Enemy – Terminator X to the Edge of Panic
6. Boogie Down Productions – Still Number One
7. Ice T – Colors (Acapella)
8. Boogie Down Productions – My Philosophy
9. Eric B & Rakim – Microphone Fiend
10. NWA – Express Yourself
11. Chill Rob G – Chillin’
12. Chill Rob G – Wild Pitch
13. Craig G & Marley Marl – Droppin’ Science
14. Public Enemy – Security of the First World
15. Positive K – Step Up Front
16. Intelligent Hoodlum – The Rebel
17. Public Enemy – Don’t Believe the Hype
18. Kid N Play – Gettin’ Funky (Acapella)
19. Kev E Kev & Ak B – Listen to the Man
20. Kool G Rap & DJ Polo – It’s a Demo
21. 7A3 – That’s How We’re Livin’
22. Steady B – Serious (BDP Remix)
23. Supreme Nyborn – Versatility
24. Cash Money & Marvellous – Where’s the Party At?
25. Craig G & Marley Marl – Duck Alert
26. Stetsasonic – DBC Let the Music Play
27. Uptown – Dope On Plastic (Acapella)
28. Def Jef – On the Real Tip (Instrumental)
29. Real Roxanna – Her Bad Self (Posse Mix)