Chris Read Discography

Chris Read Discography

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‘Classic Material Edition #3 (1989)’ Mixtape

  • Release date: 2011-01-05
  • Label: Classic Material

Edition #3 of our monthly Classic Material series pays tribute to the hip hop of 1989, another year in which the genre’s dominant sounds changed drastically. As the James Brown influenced sound that had dominated the late 80s played out its final days, producers from all corners of the genre turned their attentions to sampling the bass heavy West Coast sound of Parliament, Funkadelic and Zapp. Acts such as De La Soul and the Jungle Brothers burst on to the scene injecting a light hearted honesty into their lyrical content which paved the way for the emerging ‘new school’ sound of the early 90s. Early releases from the likes of X Clan hinted at the ‘afrocentric’ sound that would come to prominence in the following years.

As with previous editions, our mix places classic cuts alongside the lesser heard. The CD version includes a megamix of 30 classic cuts from 1989 and a Chris Read Remix of a classic 1989 cut.


1. Classic Material Intro
2. Chris Read – Theme #3 (Scratchapella)
3. Chill Rob G – Future Shock
4. Chill Rob G – Ride the Rhythm
5. Big Daddy Kane – Smooth Operator
6. Chill Rob G – Let Me Show You
7. Steady B – Going Steady
8. Steady B – Ego Trippin’
9. Heavy D – You Ain’t Heard Nuttin Yet
10. Ice T – You Played Yourself (DJ Alladin Remix)
11. Kwame – The Rhythm
12. Main Source – Think
13. Markey Fresh – Mack of Rap
14. Main Source – Atom
15. EPMD – Big Payback
16. EPMD – So Wat Cha Sayin’
17. Stezo – It’s My Turn
18. Heavy D & The Boyz – More Bounce
19. X-Clan – Heed the Word of the Brother
20. Chubb Rock – Nothing Can Stop Us Now
21. Stezo – Freak the Funk
22. Ultramagnetic MCs – Chorus Line
23. MC Twist and the Def Squad – U Getting Ill 2 Much
24. Chubb Rock – Caught Up (Remix)
25. De La Soul – Say No Go
26. Jungle Brothers – U Make Me Sweat
27. Jungle Brothers – Feelin’ Alright
28. 3rd Bass – Brooklyn Queens (1st Bass Mix)
29. Heavy D – We Got Our Own Thang (Acapella)
30. Big Daddy Kane – Another Victory
31. Big Daddy Kane – Ain’t No Stoppin’ Us Now