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Chris Read Discography

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Mr Thing – ‘Ear This’ Mix CD for Breakin Point Magazine

  • Release date: 2001-06-01
  • Label: Breakin Point

Released about one month prior to the “Substance presents Lyric Superbrand” compilation for Different Drummer Recordings, this mix CD put together by Mr Thing for Breakin Point magazine came as a free gift on the cover of June 2001 issue. The mix featured Mad Flow and Chris Read’s “It’s The Who?” (recorded for that compilation). The 20 track mix features a selection of cuts that were brand new at the time of release from artists including J Rawls, J Live, Ty, Unsung Heroes, L Fudge, Jehst, Al Tariq and many others. Long out of print, you can still find copies from time to time on Discogs .


1. Mr Thing – Intro
2. Blak Twang – U Know
3. The Great Ones feat Al Tariq – That N*gga
4. Aspects – Kronos Remix
5. Jehst – 1979
6. Evil Ed feat Task Force – The Tournament
7. DJ Bombjack feat First Rate – The Epic
8. Cappo feat Scor-zay-zee – The Looniest
9. Diversions Tactics – School Report
10. Vicious Circle feat Conman – Bwoy
11. Skitz feat Phi Life Cypher – Cordless Mics at 20 Paces
12. T-Love – QMS
13. Unsung Heroes feat Mr Complex, J-Live & L Fudge – What Would You Do?
14. Mad Flow – It’s The Who?
15. Natty Dwella feat Dark Circle, Manage & Charlie Little – Industry Nerds
16. Mr Thing – Jazz Addiction (Part 2)
17. Ty – Break the Lock
18. J-Rawls feat J-Live – Great Live Caper
19. Kila Kela feat Akrobatik & DJ Plus One – Heavy Artillery
20. Mr Thing – …And We Out