Chris Read Discography

Chris Read Discography

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Inner Tribe Records Remixed Promo Mixtape

  • Release date: 2022-04-22
  • Label: Inner Tribe Records

Inner Tribe Records Remixed’ delivers 12 brand new remixes of notable cuts from the Inner Tribe Records catalogue. The album, released 8th April 2022, sees London UK producer Chris Read place his spin on a dozen songs from the label, with a list of featured artists which includes Detroit rap legend Phat Kat, long time Dilla collaborator Steve Spacek, Japan’s Mitsu the Beats, Ubiquity Records’ Ohmega Watts and late Oakland MC Zion-I among many others. This mixtape, exclusive to Mixcloud, includes all 12 tracks from the album – in the mix.


1. Elf Tranzporter feat Rayjah45 – Make It Public (Chris Read Remix)
2. Stan Smith & MFP feat Dipolomew – Talk My Shhh (Chris Read Remix)
3. Planetself feat Zion I, John Robinson & Yarah Bravo – High Tide (Chris Read Remix)
4. Planetself – You Plus Me (Chris Read Remix)
5. Inkswel feat Ohmega Watts & Leila Reich – The Sun (Chris Read Remix)
6. EdSeven feat Tan Brown – Heart Wars (Chris Read Remix)
7. Elf Tanzporter feat Rayjah45 – Soul Step (Chris Read Remix)
8. Dream Crews (Flowz4daze & Mitsu the Beats) – ’94 Porsche 911 (Chris Read Remix)
9. EdSeven feat Tan Brown – MGIC (Chris Read Remix)
10. EdSeven feat Tan Brown & Phat Kat – I Need You To (Chris Read Remix)
11. Inkswel feat Steve Spacek & Harvey Sutherland – Outerspace Connection (Chris Read Remix)
12. Fluid Bounce (Colonel Red & Lord Byron) – The Best (Chris Read Remix)