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Chris Read Discography

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Mark Rae feat Tony D – ‘Trenton Tribute’ (Chris Read Remix)

  • Release date: 2016-10-12
  • Label: -

My remix of Mark Rae’s ‘Trenton Tribute’ featuring legendary 80s Hip Hop artist Tony D. Taken from Mark’s 2016 LP and autobiography ‘Northern Sulphuric Soulboy’. Soon to feature on a remixed version of the album, this remix is available for limited time as a free download via Mark’s Soundcloud page.


1. Venice Boulevard (J-Walk Remix)
2. Don’t Touch That Stereo (Casual Connection Remix)
3. Trenton Tribute (Funky Fresh Few Remix)
4. The Devil’s Horns (Sam Redmore Remix)
5. Don’t Touch That Stereo (Shaka Loves You Remix)
6. Venice Boulevard (Copycat’s Sunset Remix)
7. Trenton Tribute (Chris Read Remix)
8. The Get Over (Steve Cobby Remix)
9. Don’t Touch That Stereo (Funk Freaks Remix)
10. Trenton Tribute (Second Hand Audio Remix)
11. The Get Over (Felix Grey Remix)