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Chris Read Discography

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Suburban Architecture ‘Dancefloor Heritage Volume 1’ (Bonus Tracks)

  • Release date: 2022-06-24
  • Label: Suburban Architecture
  • Catalog #: SUBLP01B

‘Dancefloor Heritage Volume 1 – Bonus Tracks’ serves as a companion to London Drum & Bass duo Suburban Architecture’s recent debut album release ‘Dancefloor Heritage Volume 1’ (released June 10th). Comprising 5 previously unreleased tracks, this collection of bonus material showcases tracks recorded at the same time as those on the main album, but with a different focus. While the album tracks reference the ethereal and jazzy sounds of the mid 90s, these bonus cuts offer a tougher, drum led sound rooted in the late 90s. Jazz is still a common theme, but in this case chunky upright bass, stepping drums and punchy horn stabs take the place of the atmospherics Suburban Architecture are primarily known for.

Photography: Matt Elms
Cover design: Leon Nockolds


1. The Tempest
2. Bristol Jazz ’97
3. Ascension
4. Jazz Club
5. Dig This ’98