Chris Read Discography

Chris Read Discography

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Suburban Architecture ‘Exploration’ EP

  • Release date: 2022-12-09
  • Label: Suburban Architecture
  • Catalog #: SUBARC004

Blurb from Suburban Architecture:

“Following the release of the duo’s debut album/compilation ‘Dancefloor Heritage Volume 1’ earlier this year, Suburban Architecture return with their 4th EP ‘Exploration’. Kicking off a new series of EP releases, Exploration follows in the footsteps of the previous trilogy, drawing heavily on influences from the jazzier, atmospheric strains of mid to late 90s Drum & Bass, while stepping beyond the confines of the genre. Placing a contemporary spin on sounds rooted in this golden era of dance music, the Exploration EP applies Suburban Architecture’s sonic template to 4 tracks at a variety of tempos.

Title track ‘Exploration Part 1’ introduces cosmic themes, with spacey pads and deep jazz textures underpinning intricate, chopped, rolling drums and vocal samples which muse on the concept of space exploration. The second track, ‘Weightless’, drops the tempo somewhat, utilising lush pads, atmospheric female vocal and a fusion of breakbeats to create a memorable slo-mo roller. Spacey pads return to the mix on ‘Distant Response’, joined by an energetic falsetto male vocal, jazz fusion woodwind and the duo’s trademark blend of rolling breaks. ‘Exploration Part 2’ rounds off the release, bookending the 4 tracks with a return to the themes of the opening track, this time bringing mid-tempo rolling breaks to the mix.”

Photography: Matt Elms
Design: Leon Nockolds


1. Exploration Part 1
2. Weightless
3. Distant Response
4. Exploration Part 2