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Chris Read Discography

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Suburban Architecture ‘Turning Point’ EP

  • Release date: 2023-06-02
  • Label: Suburban Architecture
  • Catalog #: SUBARC004

Suburban Architecture continue their series of now highly collectible 4 track EP releases with their 5th offering, ‘Turning Point’. Following in the footsteps of 2022’s ‘Exploration’ EP, this new collection once again draws heavily on influences from the jazzier, atmospheric strains of mid to late 90s Drum & Bass. Putting their own spin on sounds rooted in this golden era of dance music, the Turning Point EP delivers more of the London duo’s trademark warm atmospheric production and Jungle-adjacent drum programming at a variety of tempos.

Opening track ‘The Drifter’ pulls no punches – Jazz Fusion flutes and delicate arps float over dreamy pads before giving way to a smashing Amen track, creating a classic roller with enough punch to hold a dancefloor. Title track ‘Turning Point’ delves further into Jazz Fusion sonics: underpinned by lush Rhodes, intricate drum programming sets the scene for a rousing vocal refrain and an atmospheric blend of flutes and horns. ‘The Believer’ delivers a similar blend of instrumentation, this time adding muted horns to the mix, building to a motivating, Soulful vocal hook. Closing out the EP ‘Memoriam’ lowers the tempo with a slo-mo roller placing deep, atmospheric pads and unexpected subtle guitar licks over a punchy, rolling drum track.


A1. The Drifter
A2. Turning Point
B1. The Believer
B2. Memoriam