Chris Read Discography

Chris Read Discography

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‘The Library Archive Volume 2’ Compiled by Mr Thing & Chris Read

  • Release date: 2022-09-09
  • Label: BBE Music
  • Catalog #: BBE622

Blurb from BBE Records:

“Crate digging DJs Mr Thing and Chris Read return to BBE Music with a second volume of their compilation series ‘The Library Archive’, presenting more Funk, Jazz, Beats and Soundtracks from the archives of Cavendish Music.

Founded back in 1937 and originally known as Boosey & Hawkes Recorded Music Library, Cavendish Music is the largest independent Library Music publisher in the UK and also represents a host of music catalogues across the globe. The influence of Library Music on British pop culture cannot be overstated, especially during the 1970s when companies KPM, De Wolfe and of course Boosey & Hawkes provided the soundtracks to iconic TV shows such as The Sweeney and The Professionals, as well as a host of feature films.

The discs produced by Boosey & Hawkes for TV and radio production have, over the intervening years, gained a cult following among collectors and have found themselves sampled by successive generations of beatmakers. Renowned scratch DJ Mr Thing and WhoSampled’s Chris Read, both lifetime beat fanatics, first entered the Cavendish vaults in 2014, presenting their first compilation of rare Library Music cuts in 2017 on BBE Music. Both knew that Cavendish Music’s vast low-ceilinged London basement still held a host of hidden treasure just waiting to be rediscovered, so the pair returned in 2020, emerging with ‘The Library Archive 2 – More Funk, Jazz, Beats and Soundtracks from the Archives of Cavendish Music’.

“This new collection leans toward the less obvious titles, not only the funky sides and tracks ripe for sampling but also some of the jazzier corners of the catalogue” says Chris Read. “As with Volume 1, this is more than merely a collection for sample heads – it’s a compilation of great funk, jazz, soundtracks and experimental themes to be enjoyed by DJs, producers and fans of good music alike.”


A1 The Gentle Giants – Leagueliner
A2. The New Concert Orchestra – Test Drive
A3. Tournament – Dennis Farnon, Sound Studio Orchestra
A4. The New Concert Orchestra – Mad Mendoza
A5. Dennis Farnon – Baltic Caper
A6. Bob Adams – Giraffe
B1. Dennis Farnon – Nuremberg Ring
B2. The Gentle Giants – Organ Grinders Swing
B3. The Cavendish Orchestra – Self Deception
B4. Dennis Farnon – Crazy Legs
B5. The New Concert Orchestra – Lip Glow
B6. The New Concert Orchestra – Footprints
B7. The New Concert Orchestra – Traffic Jam
B8. The New Dance Orchestra – Blues For Boo
C1. The New Concert Orchestra – Ad-Lib No 6
C2. The New Percussion Octet – Cocoanut Cocktail
C3. The New Dance Orchestra – Bass Bits
C4. The New Dance Orchestra – Travelling Light
C5. The New Concert Orchestra – Ad-Lib No 2
C6. The New Jazz Group – Jazz for Humanoids – Equation
C7. The New Concert Orchestra – Chameleon
C8. The New Percussion Octet – Graphics Part 1
C9. The New Concert Orchestra – In Pursuit
D1. The New Concert Orchestra – Night Walk
D2. The New Dance Orchestra (Augmented) – Soul Type Blues
D3. Dennis Farnon – Shanghai Caper
D4. The New Concert Orchestra – Speed Clean
D5. Dennis Farnon, Sound Studio Orchestra – Motor-Cross
D6. Chris Barron – Funk (h)
D7. Chris Barron – Rock (b)