‘The Breaks’ Mixtape Series

‘The Breaks’ Mixtape Series

A continuation of sorts from the Diary and Classic Material Hip Hop History mix series, ‘The Breaks of …’ revisits the chronological theme of those mixes, this time reconstructing classic Hip Hop from specific years in Hip Hop history utilising only the original sample material: Funk, Soul, Jazz, Disco and Rock. Early editions were released on cassette alongside the Classic Material x Foot Patrol T-Shirt collection in 2012. Later editions were released in collaboration with Wax Poetics as part of the magazine’s Hip Hop 50 celebrations.

  1. The Breaks of ’79-86 Listen

  2. The Breaks of ’87 Listen

  3. The Breaks of ’88 Listen

  4. The Breaks of ’89 Listen

  5. The Breaks of ’90 Listen

  6. The Breaks of ’91 Listen

  7. The Breaks of ’92 Listen

  8. The Breaks of ’93 Listen

  9. The Breaks of ’94 Listen