The Funky Drummers

The Funky Drummers

A mix of the world’s funkiest drummers – 200 or so of Funk, Soul, Rock & Jazz’s finest breakbeats and licks in the mix! A labour of love, the mix comes in three parts with two different versions of parts 1 & 2 (one with all the trimmings, one with just the drums!). The subtitle ‘Crunkies Pick’ is a reference to Cut Chemist’s drum heavy ‘Bunky’s Pick’ cut up and J-Rocc’s similarly styled ‘Junkies Pick’ to which (along with Steinski’s seminal ‘Lesson’ edits) this is an homage of sorts. Artwork by John Brotherhood.

  1. Part 1 (Crunkies Pick) Listen

  2. Part 1 (Just the Drums) Listen

  3. Part 2 (Crunkies Pick) Listen

  4. Part 2 (Just the Drums) Listen

  5. Part 3 (The Last Bongo in Hackney) Listen