Sound of Vinyl Genre Infographics

Sound of Vinyl Genre Infographics

Set of infographics put together by WhoSampled for online vinyl store Sound of Vinyl, exlporing the most influential tracks from key genres. Below is a selection of graphics from a much larger campaign, which ran from 2019 to 2021. Explore the most influential records within the genres of Soul/Funk, Reggae/Dub, Jazz/Blues and Hip Hop below.

  1. Most Covered Soul/Funk/DiscoĀ Expand

  2. Most Covered ArtistĀ Expand

  3. Notable CoversĀ Expand

  4. Most Covered SongĀ Expand

  5. Most Covered Reggae/DubĀ Expand

  6. Most CoveredĀ ArtistExpand

  7. Notable CoversĀ Expand

  8. Most Covered SongĀ Expand

  9. Most Covered Jazz/BluesĀ Expand

  10. Most Covered ArtistĀ Expand

  11. Notable Covers Expand

  12. Most Covered SongĀ Expand

  13. Most Covered Hip HopĀ Expand

  14. Most Covered ArtistĀ Expand

  15. Notable CoversĀ Expand

  16. Most Covered SongĀ Expand