Interview with Camille Yarbrough

Interview with Camille Yarbrough

In 2020 I interviewed musician, actress and poet Camille Yarbrough, 82 years of age at the time of our interview. She is perhaps best known by younger generations as the voice of Fatboy Slim‘s crossover hit ‘Praise You’, sampled from her 1975 album ‘The Iron Pot Cooker’. In these video extracts Camille talks being sampled some 25 years after the event, music in the Civil Rights era and more.

Part 1: Camille on Fatboy Slim sampling her work

Part 2: Camille on comparisons with Last Poets / Gil Scott Heron

Part 3: Camille on relevance of Civil Rights era music in the time of BLM

Part 4: Camille on being a ‘Foremother of Hip Hop’