BBC 1Xtra 20th Anniversary: Chris Read Mix 28th July 2003

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From the station’s launch in summer 2002 to summer 2004 I was one of two Hip Hop mix show DJs on the BBC’s station for ‘new black music’, 1Xtra. This month marks the station’s 20th Anniversary, so I’ve embraced the embarrassment of my 1Xtra press photo and picked a selection of mixes I did on the station during that period to upload on Mixcloud for the first time. They’re definitely from a different era – pre-Serato, they’re vinyl only, recorded live on a simple two channel mixer with no effects … and with that comes a certain amount of imperfection I wouldn’t stand by today, but they represent the time well, and in some cases the music I was playing in clubs at the time. Full disclosure – I have given most of these mixes a light edit, cutting out a few sections I didn’t like, but for the most part they’re as they come. I’ll be uploading another of these mixes each week over the next couple of months and posting tracklists for each of them here.

Track list:

  1. Chris Read – Theme #1
  2. Tha Alkaholiks – Make Room
  3. Grand Puba – 360 What Goes Around (SD50 Instrumental)
  4. Grand Puba – 360 What Goes Around (SD50 Remix)
  5. Grand Puba – 360 What Goes Around (Album Version)
  6. Beats & Pieces – Beats & Pieces 93 Part 1
  7. Showbiz & AG – Party Groove (Instrumental)
  8. Bobby J from the Funkmaster Flex Camp – Snatch
  9. Donkey Man – Donkey Twist
  10. A Tribe Called Quest – Scenario
  11. Beats & Pieces – Beats & Pieces 93 Part 2
  12. House of Pain – Jump Around (Pete Rock Remix)
  13. Davey Dex – My Peoples (Where You At)
  14. House of Pain – On Point (Beatminerz Instrumental)
  15. House of Pain – On Point (Beatminerz Remix)
  16. Red Cloud – Afro Latin Concrete
  17. Yaggfu Front – Busted Loop (Instrumental)
  18. Funkdoobiest – Bow Wow Wow
  19. Naughty by Nature – It’s On (Sunship Remix)
  20. Naughty by Nature – Everything’s Gonna Be Alright (Rough Rodes Mix)