Bone Idols & Aphletik feat Ty Remixes Remastered

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Way back in 2003 (hard to believe that’s nearly 20 years ago), I did a couple of remixes for London label ‘Above the Clouds’, which were ultimately never released. I have shared these before but at the time all I had was a pretty poor quality Mp3 rip of demo version – not very well mixed and it’s always annoyed me I didn’t keep a decent version of these.

Anyway, during a recent clear out I found a CD containing the original acapellas, a mini disc with most of the sample and a hard drive with some of the parts, so, particularly in light of Ty’s sad passing from Covid recently, I decided to recreate them and this time get the job done right.

Grab a free download of both mixes (and the instrumentals) via the Bandcamp link below.