‘Classic Material: The Breaks’ Limited Edition Cassettes Now Available!

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Created for the launch of our pop-up store back in 2013, we’ve unearthed a small stash of these super-limited cassettes.

A continuation of sorts from Chris Read’s ‘The Diary’ mixtape and subsequent ‘Classic Material’ mix series, ‘The Breaks of …’ revisits the chronological theme of those mixes, this time reconstructing classic hip hop from the year in question utilising only the original sample material. This edition reconstructs the hits of 1987 (Side A) and 1988 (Side B). A revised version of the 1979 to1987 megamix from The Diary mixtape has also been included as a bonus track.

Artwork by John Brotherhood in tribute to the Ultimate Breaks and Beats series, the original sampled breaks collection. We hope you enjoy!

£5 gets you x1 cassette, £7 gets you x1 cassette plus one of the original postcard packs featuring iconic photographs by Normski of Eric B, Dr Dre, De La Soul, Ice Cube & Guru and a Classic Material vinyl sticker.

Purchase here.