‘Digging the KPM Vaults’ Now Available on Streaming Services

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“Sony EMI’s famed KPM Music label has been producing high quality recordings for use in Film, Television and Radio for over four decades. WhoSampled arranged for a group of renowned UK diggers, producers and beatmakers to be granted access to the label’s archive of recordings. Their task: to curate a collection of the best of this sought after sample material from which new compositions could be created. The recordings selected during that process were subsequently made available to 20 up-and-coming producers at ‘Samplethon‘, a unique ‘Hackathon for Music Producers’, at which those producers competed against one another and the clock to create new music based on the archive material. ‘Digging the KPM Vaults’ is a new release on the KPM label showcasing the winning entries produced at the event alongside tracks from the artists who made up the event’s panel of judges and mentors: The Action Pact, Chris Read & Lumi HD and Shawn Lee.

The collection is currently available as part of KPM’s libary music offering for use in Film, TV and Radio and a commercially available digital release. A limited edition 10″ vinyl release is to follow.”

1. The Action Pact – Legendary
2. Chris Read feat Lumi HD – The Rarest
3. Shawn Lee – Straight from the Harp
4. Shatter Hands – Appetite for Distraction
5. Daniel el Campeón – Enrodillado
6. Asa Greenwood – Hyperfocus