#HIPHOP50: Classic Material Bonus Mix #2 (Hip House)

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Blurb from Wax Poetics:

In celebration of Hip Hop’s 50th year, we’ve teamed up with London based ‘Classic Material’ to present a chronologically themed series of mixtapes celebrating the history of recorded Rap music, mixed by Chris Read. This bonus mix rounds off the 1980s portion of our chronology, shining a light on the somewhat maligned sub-genre of Hip House. It’s reasonable to say 1989 was this sound’s moment in the sun and this mix and the majority of tracks in this mix hail from that year. Featured artists include some of the biggest names of the era who dabbled in the sound (Big Daddy Kane, EPMD and King Sun) alongside those with a more direct affiliation with the genre(Doug Lazy, Fast Eddie, Tyree). The cover artwork references the interior gatefold of the 1988 Stylus Records compilation ‘Hip Hop & Rapping in the House’.

Track list:

1. King Sun – On a Club Tip (Intro)
2. EPMD – It’s Time To Party
3. Twin Hype – Do It To The Crowd
4. Big Daddy Kane – The House That Cee Built
5. Chill Rob G – Make It (Midnight Vocal Mix)
6. Kool Chip & Chuck Chillout – No DJ Like Chuck
7. Doug Lazy – Let It Roll
8. Steady B – Purple Haze
9. Queen Latifah – Come Into My House (The Riche Rich Mix)
10. Too Nice – I Get Minze (Percapella Remix)
11. DL Kool – Get On Up
12. Jungle Brothers – I’ll House You (The Gee St Reconstruction)
13. Fast Eddie feat Sundance – Git On Up (The Fast Eddie Mix)
14. T La Rock – Housin’ With The T’s
15. Fast Eddie – Hip House
16. Fast Eddie – Jack to the Sound
17. Hip House Syndicate – Free James Brown
18. Tyree – Hardcore Hip House