#HIPHOP50: Classic Material Bonus Mix #3 (Hip House)

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Blurb from Wax Poetics:

In celebration of Hip Hop’s 50th year, we’ve teamed up with London based ‘Classic Material’ to present a chronologically themed series of mixtapes celebrating the history of recorded Rap music, mixed by Chris Read. This bonus mix follows last month’s Hip House round up with a further set of tracks from the hybrid genre, this time featuring not only tracks from Hip House pioneers, but also Hip House remixes of cuts by Chubb Rock, The DOC and others that emerged at the turn of the decade. The cover artwork references 1988 Stylus Records compilation ‘Rap Trax’.

Track list:

1. De La Soul – Say No Go (House of Love Mix) [Extract] 
2. Professor X – Vanglorious Crib 
3. Numarx – Do It Good (Extended Mix) 
4. Chubb Rock – The Chubbster (Clark’s Smooth Haus) 
5. King Sun – On the Club Tip
6. Craig G – Rock The House 
7. Craig G – Turn This House Into A Home 
8. King Bee – Feel the Flow 
9. D.O.C – Potrait of a Masterpiece (CJ’s Ed-Did-It Mix) 
10. Double J – Bless the Funk (Acapella) 
11. Isis – Face the Bass 
12. Fast Eddie – Yo Yo Get Funky 
13. King Bee – Rockin Down the House