#HIPHOP50: Classic Material Bonus Mix #6

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Blurb from Wax Poetics:

In celebration of Hip Hop’s 50th year, we’ve teamed up with London based ‘Classic Material’ to present a chronologically themed series of mixtapes celebrating the history of recorded Rap music, mixed by Chris Read. This sixth bonus mix focuses on another sub-genre popularised in the 90s which is not entirely easy to define. Loops of popular Hip Hop records arranged into club-friendly instrumentals, in their day these tracks were mostly referred to simply as ‘Breakbeats’. They were Club records first and foremost so ‘Hip Hop Club Breaks’ is maybe a more accurate description. Armand Van Helden’s ‘AV8’ is the label most commonly associated with the sound, although Nervous Records & its ‘Strapped’ sub label were perhaps equally active. A few other smaller labels like Slammin’ and Kingsize also played their part. A lot of DJs principally associated with House music or who produced both House and Hip Hop were responsible for many of these records, often under aliases – Armand Van Helden of course, but also Todd Terry, Kenny Dope, DJ Spinna and others. Many other names in the scene were known for making this style of Hip Hop almost exclusively – Crooklyn Clan, Davey Dex, Bobby J to name a few. Artwork here pays tribute to Armand Van Helden’s AV8 Records.


1. Davey Dex presents Da Hip Hop Junkies – Pick It Up (Hip Hop Mix) 
2. DJ Fashion – Bom Bom 
3. DJ I-Cue & Jae Mo Ice – Two Scoops of Ice Cream (Dubplate Mix) 
4. Wreck All-Stars – Hit ‘Em Like This 
5. DJ Rags – To The Beat… 
6. Davey Dex – Get On Down (Davey Dex Remix) 
7. Fat Fluids – Throw Ya Hands (40th Ave. Mix) 
8. The Groove Asylum – We Love ‘Em 
9. Davey Dex – Move Ya Body (Davey Dex Remix) 
10. Davey Dex – Set It Off 
11. DJ Sizzahandz – Can’t Get Enuff 
12. Armand Van Helden – Hot Butter (Pas Deh Punany Mix)
13. DJ Fashion – My Peoples 
14. Davey Dex – Zunga Zeng (Unreleased) 
15. DJ Rags – It Don’t Stop 
16. On The Down Low – Check The Vibe 
17. Steady G – Rainy Dayz 
18. Crooklyn Can – Clap Dem Handz (The Yeast Mix) 
19. SupaDupa AllCity & Suga Bear – Sunday Night at The Tunnel (Sunday Night Acapella) 
20. Brooklyn Slumlordz – Nobody Beats 
21. Crooklyn Clan – Dirty Dub 
22. Davey Dex – My Peoples (Where You At) 
23. Davey Dex – Throw Ta Handz Up (Davey Dex 12″) 
24. Frankie The Pacemaker – Live and Die Reck Part 2 
25. DJ Fashion – Brooklyn Stylz 
26. Armand Van Helden – Hey Yah Hey (Indian Beatdown Mix) 
27. Crooklyn Clan – A Brooklyn Thing (Brooklyn Anthem) 
28. Davey Dex – Get On Down (Original Mix) 
29. DJ Eclipse – Keep It On 
30. Rek Shit Rebulz – U Wanna Flex (What?) 
31. Frankie Cutlass – Puerto Rico (Original Version) 
32. Funkmaster Flex – Six Million Ways to Die (Instrumental) 
33. Funkmaster Flex – Sad & Blue (Dub) 
34. Rek Shit Rebulz – Make Ya Feel Better 
35. Wrath of Donkey Man – Donkey Twist 
36. Davey Dex – Keep It Movin (Prince Quick Mix Remix) 
37. Steady G – Everybody Groove (A Mos Definitely Long But Yet Chilled Out Mix) 
38. The Flip Squad presents Bobby J – Check Out The Style 
39. Bobby J – Clap Your Hands 
40. Steady G – Ya Don’t Stop (Ya Y’all) 
41. DJ Fashion – Uh Ah Do It Hay (Mix 1)