#HIPHOP50: Classic Material Edition #5 (1991)

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Blurb from Wax Poetics:

In celebration of Hip Hop’s 50th year, we’ve teamed up with London based ‘Classic Material’ to present a chronologically themed series of mixtapes celebrating the history of recorded rap music, mixed by Chris Read. Edition #5 in this year by year series pays tribute to the Hip Hop of 1991, a year remembered fondly for its many anthems – Tribe’s ‘Scenario’, Nice and Smooth’s ‘Hip Hop Junkies’, Showbiz and AG’s ‘Party Groove’ and many other underground club smashes saw their release during the year. 1991 was also a solid year for long players with stand out debut LPs from Black Sheep and Main Source amongst others. Debut LPs from Del the Funkee Homosapien and Cypress Hill both broke preconceptions about the West Coast sound in very different ways. Cover art pays homage to LA based independent Delicious Vinyl whose early 90s roster included the Pharcyde, Def Jef and Masta Ace among others.

Track list:

1. Classic Material Intro
2. Gang Starr – Form of Intellect (Instrumental)
3. Chris Read – Theme #1 (Scratchapella)
4. De La Soul – Intro
5. Geto Boys – Mind Playing Tricks On Me
6. Slick Rick – It’s A Boy (Large Professor Remix)
7. Tribe Called Quest – Check The Rhime (Mr Muhammed Mix)
8. Tribe Called Quest – Check The Rhime (Album Version)
9. Gang Starr – Step In The Arena (Instrumental)
10. Gang Starr – Step In The Arena
11. Craig G – Take The Bait
12. Black Sheep – Flavor Of The Month
13. De La Soul – Peas Porridge Hot
14. Del The Funkee Homosapien – Mista Dobalina (Remix Instrumental)
15. Del The Funkee Homosapien – Mista Dobalina (Remix)
16. Del The Funkee Homosapien – Dr Bombay
17. Del The Funkee Homosapien – Ahonetwo (Remix Instrumental)
18. Del The Funkee Homosapien – Ahonetwo (Album Version)
19. Nice and Smooth – Hip Hop Junkies (Acapella)
20. Cypress Hill – How I Could Just Kill A Man (Instrumental)
21. Main Source – Looking At The Front Door
22. Tribe Called Quest featuring Leaders of the New School – Scenario
23. Leaders Of The New School – Sobb Story
24. Kid Capri – Joke’s On You Jack (Remix)
25. Caveman – Cool Cos I Don’t Get Upset
26. Pete Rock & CL Smooth – Good Life
27. Showbiz & AG – Soul Clap
28. Showbiz & AG – Party Groove