PRE-ORDER: Suburban Architecture ‘Inside / Outside’ EP

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Suburban Architecture continue their series of now highly collectible 4 track EP releases with their 6th offering, ‘Inside / Outside’. This new collection of tracks once again draws heavily on influences from the jazzier, atmospheric strains of mid to late 90s Drum & Bass. Putting a contemporary spin on sounds rooted in this golden era of dance music, the latest 4 tracker is split into two parts: Inside / Outside. Each track appears in two parts, delivering similar themes at different tempos.

Opening track ‘Inside Part 1’ will please followers of Suburban Architecture’s previous work – lush pads, deep atmospherics, Jazz fusion flute licks and smashing Amens are all present in the mix. Inside Part 2 lowers the tempo without compromising the energy: Slo-mo Amens interspersed with complimentary breaks sit on top of huge pads, Reece style bass and rousing vocals. Outside also appears in two similarly styled parts. This time Part 1 comes in at the lower tempo, a light vocal-led slow motion rolling number with classic Apache elements, while Part 2 applies the same sonic template to a tough, jazzy roller.

Pre-Order HERE.