Suburban Architecture – New Towns #004 Mixtape

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This the fourth in a new mixtape series showcasing new and recent / contemporary Drum & Bass music rooted in or influenced by the intelligent, ambient or atmospheric sounds of the mid 90s. The intention is not necessarily to focus on brand new releases, but simply to play more current sounds that we’re feeling, although we may from time to time include new or unreleased bits of our own. This latest volume kicks off with ‘The Believer’ taken from our forthcoming EP SUBARC005: Turning Point and features music from Qant, Dwarde, Coco Bryce and Tim Reaper among others.

Track list:

1. Suburban Architecture – The Believer
2. Klute – Leo 9
3. Qant – Polygon Peaks
4. Kloke & Tim Reaper – Tensity
5. Woken Balance – Timescapes
6. Artificial Red feat Voodoo Child – Take Time
7. Dwarde, Tim Reaper & Equinox – Globex Corp Vol 6 A1 (Equinox Remix)
8. Equinox – Bad Dreams
9. Coco Bryce – Cloud Busting
10. Tim Reaper – Sunrise