The Architects #011: Doc Scott mixed by Suburban Architecture

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‘The Architects’ is a new mix series by Suburban Architecture, celebrating the musical output of 90s UK suburbia and the pioneers of the Drum and Bass sound. Edition #011 pays tribute to Doc Scott and features single releases for labels including Metalheadz plus major label remixes.

Photo credit: @mattkred
Cover design: Leroy Nockolds

Track list:

1. Doc Scott – Far Away
2. Doc Scott – It’s Yours
3. Doc Scott – Tokyo Dawn
4. Doc Scott – Blue Skies
5. Art of Noise – Something Always Happens (Doc Scott Remix)
6. Jhana – Say, Say, Say (Doc Scott Remix)
7. Ultra Living – Sweetest Pleasure (Doc Scott Mix)
8. System 7 – Interstate (Doc Scott Mix)
9. Photek – The Margin ’98 (Doc Scott Remix)
10. Doc Scott – Paradise Lost (Soul Intent Remix)