WhoSampled presents ‘Digging in the Vaults’: Vinyl Pre-Order Now Available

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Check out an exclusive preview track from Soundsci below and pre-order the limited edition 10″ vinyl here.

Press release information:

“In Spring 2014, WhoSampled took a group of renowned UK diggers, producers and beatmakers to the vinyl archives of famed library music specialists Imagem, in which resides a complete collection of the highly collectable releases of the Boosey & Hawkes and Cavendish music libraries. Their mission: to excavate rare sample material from which new compositions could be created.

The recordings unearthed at the archive session were made available to 20 up-andcoming producers at ‘Samplethon’, a unique ‘Hackathon for Music Producers’, at which those producers competed against the clock to create new music based on the archive material. This 2NX release showcases the winning entries produced at the event alongside tracks from the artists who made up the event’s panel of judges and mentors, among them Mark Rae, Mr Thing, Soundsci, Chris Read and My Panda Shall Fly.

Available as both a 10” vinyl EP and digital LP (containing additional tracks), the vinyl release focuses on the more hip-hop orientated tracks from this varied collection.

Artists featured include Soundsci (a group which counts among its members Ninja Tune signings Jonny Cuba and The Herbaliser’s Ollie Teeba) and BBE’s Chris Read who joins forces with famed Philadelphia record digging aficionado Soulman, recording under his ‘Phill Most Chill’ moniker. Both deliver brooding vocal tracks, the latter aptly juxtaposing a 70s TV crime series flavoured beat with reflections on America’s current police injustices.

Instrumental tracks come from a pair of UK hip hop legends in the form of former World DMC Champion DJ Mr Thing and seasoned producer Mark Rae (Rae & Christian / Grand Central). Each deliver classic head nod feel alongside infectious instrumental outings from Samplethon winners Danny Drive Thru, Illiterate and Sleepless.

The digital release features a further 4 tracks not available on the vinyl release including a Rhodesy instrumental hip hop cut from Chris Read, intricate sample flips from Boean and two futuristic interpretations from Soundway and Project Mooncircle’s My Panda Shall Fly, and newcomer Innovance.

About the Imagem Catalogue

The original catalogues date back as far as the 1930s, comprising of well-over 1000 titles. However, with none of these records released commercially, very little of the music has been heard outside of the radio and TV broadcasts of the day, save for a few enduring TV themes (Ski Sunday continues to this day), and the occasional crate-digging discovery. Hence, this is an album for the vinyl connoisseur; a contemporary take on
this revered catalogue, much loved by collectors, diggers, library music enthusiasts and
producers alike.

The catalog has been sampled by Roots Manuva, Lewis Parker and Mark B & Blade amongst others. The Cavendish Music library continues to thrive as part of Imagem Production Music, with a world leading trailer music catalog and new music from the likes of dubstep pioneer Mala, London to Brighton composer Laura Rossi, techno genius Si Begg and members of Bonobo, Part Time Heroes and Zero 7.

About WhoSampled

WhoSampled is an online music experience based on the ethos of “Exploring the DNA of Music”. It is the world’s leading resource for sample based music, cover versions and remixes. Via projects such as Samplethon and this resulting release, WhoSampled encourages open and supportive attitudes toward sample based music, inviting sampling producers and catalogue rightholders to work together collaboratively to create new value out of existing catalogues.”