So Much Soul!

So Much Soul!

So Much Soul! started life as a London club night showcasing contemporary and classic Funk & Soul, promoted by resident DJs Nick Armitage and I. The night’s first home was London nightlife institution The Social, ultimately relocating to The Alibi in Dalston. For 5 years Nick and I compiled the Contemporary Funk & Soul playlist for streaming service 22Tracks. The So Much Soul! name was also applied to the ‘So Much Soul Players‘, a loose collective of musicians put together for my 2014 single ‘Magic is Gone’, featuring Speedometer front man Myles Sanko. It was also used for my ‘Funky Drummer’ drum breaks mixtape series.  The latest incarnation of the name is a collaboration between pianist Rob Barron and I, our first release being the 2021 7″ single ‘Happy (Hammond)’.

  1. Happy (Hammond):

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  2. The Magic Is Gone:

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  3. Not About That (Chris Read Remix):

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  4. The Funky Drummers:

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  5. So Much Soul! Minimix:

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  6. 22Tracks:

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