Latin Concrete

Latin Concrete

Latin Concrete is the title of my 2012 BBE Records compilation / mix album. The ‘Modern Latin Beat Suite’ is described in the album’s liner notes as “modern Latin music from a DJ’s perspective – rhythm heavy, beat driven and infectious”. Since the release of that compilation, Latin Concrete has served as a useful umbrella for related Latin influenced output, which includes mixtapes and vinyl releases for labels including Breakin Bread, BBE, Mr Bongo and Bastard Jazz.

  1. Latin Concrete Compilation Listen

  2. Disco Cumbia 7″ Single Listen

  3. Mambo Jazz Del Pito 7″ Single Listen

  4. Ritmos Latinos Mixtape #1 Listen

  5. Ritmos Latinos Mixtape #2 Listen

  6. Ritmos Latinos Mixtape #3 Listen

  7. Mr Bongo Brazil 45s Mixtape #1 Listen

  8. Mr Bongo Brazil 45s Mixtape #2 Listen

  9. Captain Planet ‘Samba Radiante’ (Chris Read Remix) Listen

  10. Los Transatlanticos ‘Baila Cumbia’ (Latin Concrete Dub) Listen

  11. Spotify Playlist Listen