The Diary

The Diary

The original Diary Mix, released in 2007, was a chronological mix of the Hip Hop’s landmark recordings in order of release from 1979-2007, featuring more than 800 records in the blend! Volume 1.5 revisits the chronological theme with a collection of remixes of 20 iconic tracks released between 1989 and 2009. Volume 2 also features a chronology, this time of Hip Hop tracks from the 1980s reconstructed from their constituent sample material: Funk, Soul, Jazz and Rock. Artwork by John Brotherhood in stylistic tribute to the late great Buddy Esquire.

  1. Volume 1 Listen

  2. Volume 1 (Expanded Edition) Listen

  3. Volume 1.5 Listen

  4. Volume 1.5 (Instrumentals) Listen

  5. Volume 1.5 (Expanded Edition) Listen

  6. Volume 2 Listen