Hip Hop

Hip Hop

  1. Release date: 15-Apr-2024 Classic Material: The Breaks of 1994 Learn more

  2. Release date: 21-Jan-2024 Classic Material: The Breaks of 1993 Learn more

  3. Release date: 18-Oct-2023 Classic Material: The Breaks of 1992 Learn more

  4. Release date: 05-Sep-2023 Hip Hop 50 on BBC Radio 6: Ultimate Breaks & Beats Tribute Mix Learn more

  5. Release date: 24-Aug-2023 Classic Material: The Breaks of 1991 Learn more

  6. Release date: 10-Jul-2023 Classic Material: The Breaks of 1990 Learn more

  7. Release date: 26-Apr-2023 Classic Material: The Breaks ’79-’86 Learn more

  8. Release date: 03-Nov-2022 Cavendish Archive Remixed: Hip Hop Edition Learn more

  9. Release date: 30-May-2022 Inner Tribe Records Sampler Vol. 1 Learn more

  10. Release date: 22-Apr-2022 Inner Tribe Records Remixed Promo Mixtape Learn more

  11. Release date: 08-Apr-2022 Chris Read – Inner Tribe Records Remixed Learn more

  12. Release date: 01-Apr-2022 Dream Crews feat MacVillain – ’94 Porsche 911 (Chris Read Remix) Learn more

  13. Release date: 25-Mar-2022 EdSeven & Tan Brown feat Phat Kat – ‘I Need You To’ (Chris Read Remix) Learn more

  14. Release date: 18-Mar-2022 Remixed, Unreleased & Free Learn more

  15. Release date: 03-Mar-2022 Scor-zay-zee ‘Great Britain’ (Chris Read Remix) [Unreleased] Learn more

  16. Release date: 03-Sep-2021 Various Artists – Futuristica 15 Learn more

  17. Release date: 14-Jul-2021 Philadelphia International Records 50th Anniversary Mixtape Learn more

  18. Release date: 26-May-2021 Common feat PJ – What Do You Say (Chris Read Remix) [Unreleased] Learn more

  19. Release date: 19-May-2021 Classic Material Bonus Mix #7: Hip Hop Club Breaks ’93-98 Learn more

  20. Release date: 11-May-2021 Classic Material Bonus Mix #6: Dancehall Hip Hop ’91-99 Learn more