1. Release date: 20-Aug-2021 Suburban Architecture ‘Solar Winds’ EP Learn more

  2. Release date: 18-Jun-2021 Chris Read & Rob Barron are So Much Soul Players – ‘Happy (Hammond)’ Learn more

  3. Release date: 20-Nov-2020 Simba Sitoi feat Kardinal Offishall ‘Runaway’ (Chris Read Remix) Learn more

  4. Release date: 30-Oct-2020 Suburban Architecture – ‘Alternative Futures’ EP Learn more

  5. Release date: 06-Sep-2019 Suburban Architecture ‘Visions’ E.P. Learn more

  6. Release date: 07-Apr-2017 Chris Read & Pugs Atomz ‘Drum Roll’ Learn more

  7. Release date: 24-Feb-2017 Chris Read & Pugs Atomz – ‘Chocolate Milk EP’ Learn more

  8. Release date: 20-Feb-2017 Chris Read & Pugs Atomz – ‘Baby Don’t Go’ / ‘You’ 7″ Single Learn more

  9. Release date: 29-Apr-2016 Maylight ‘One Try’ EP Learn more

  10. Release date: 04-Mar-2016 Maylight – ‘Digits / Beat of the Heart’ EP Learn more

  11. Release date: 25-Aug-2014 Traditions (YesKing Remix) / Forward Dub Learn more

  12. Release date: 12-May-2014 The Pharcyde – ‘Runnin / Passing Me By’ (Chris Read Remixes) 7″ Single Learn more

  13. Release date: 10-Feb-2014 Chris Read feat Myles Sanko & The So Much Soul Players – ‘The Magic Is Gone’ 7″ Single Learn more

  14. Release date: 02-Sep-2013 Chris Read feat Phill Most Chill – ‘Rap Tradition’ 7″ Single Learn more

  15. Release date: 09-Nov-2012 ‘Mambo Jazz Del Pito’ 7″ Single Learn more

  16. Release date: 02-Oct-2011 ‘Sons D’Afrique / Dub Afrique’ 7″ Single Learn more

  17. Release date: 12-Aug-2011 ‘Disco Cumbia / Ritmos Colombianos’ 7″ Single Learn more