Biog: Production / Studio Work

Biog: Production / Studio Work

Chris’ discography includes 7 studio albums, 12 compilation albums and an extensive catalogue of singles and remixes for more than a dozen imprints including two of the three major labels, Universal and Sony.

Artists who Chris has produced and remixed include Grammy Award winning vocalists Bilal and Algebra Blessett, Juno Award winner Kardinal OffishallMercury Award nominee Mark Rae, hip hop innovators Oddisee, Phat Kat and Guilty Simpson, long time J Dilla collaborator Steve Spacek, Japan’s Mitsu the Beats, Ubiquity Records’ Ohmega Watts, Speedometer front man Myles Sanko and West Coast rap icons The Pharcyde.

Previously signed to stalwart UK labels Different Drummer and Breakin Bread, Chris has for the last 10 years been a fixture at BBE (some time home to genre defining artists including J Dilla, Madlib, Pete Rock, Kenny Dope and Roy Ayers). Chris produced the debut album by BBC New Music Award winning jazz / electronica outfit Maylight and has also produced a full length LP with Chicago vocalist Pugs Atomz, both released on BBE Records.


“consistently high quality” 4/5
“a solid series of jazz inflected cuts”
“a highly creative project”
“concious, abstract, jazzy, different and a joy to hear … if you like music, you’ll love this”
“real live sounding instrumentation that will fill any enclosed space with jazz club presence”
“one of the best of the bunch … shows a lot of talent” 4/5
“a mix of philosophical rap and simple crafted beatery


“Simply Superb!”
(LAURENT GARNIER – F Comunications)
“Nice Boom Bap & Broken Vibes!”
(OPOLOPO – Tokyo Dawn)
(DJ RAHDU – BamaLoveSoul)
“Jam! Love!!”
(INKSWEL – Tokyo Dawn)
“Wikked Vibes right here”
(DAZ-I-KUE – Bugz in the Attic)
“Combination Fire!!!”
(JAY SCARLETT – Sounds Supreme)
“Wow – this is really cutting edge!”
(YAM WHO? – Ubiquity Records)
(ALEX PHOUNTZI – Bugz in the Attic)
“I can’t think of another Hip Hop CD I’ve played so much in years!”
(ANDY SMITH – Portishead)
“Crazy! Chris proves his production skills to the fullest. Double thumbs up!”
(MARC HYPE – Melting Pot Music)


Suburban Architecture – ‘Dancefloor Heritage Volume 2‘ (2024)
Suburban Architecture – ‘
Dancefloor Heritage Volume 1‘ (2022)
Chris Read – ‘Inner Tribe Records Remixed‘ (2022)
Chris Read & Pugs Atomz – ‘Colo(u)rs of the World‘ (2017)
Maylight – ‘alMighty‘ (2016)
Chris Read – ‘All Night‘ (2015)
Chris Read – ‘Small Steps‘ (2014)

Singles & EPs:
Suburban Architecture – ‘Architecture Dub #004‘ (2024)
Suburban Architecture – ‘Architecture Dub #003‘ (2024)
Suburban Architecture – ‘Inside / Outside E.P.‘ (2024)
Suburban Architecture – ‘Architecture Dub #002‘ (2023)
Suburban Architecture – ‘Turning Point E.P.‘ (2023)
Suburban Architecture – ‘Architecture Dub #001‘ (2023)
Suburban Architecture – ‘Exploration E.P.‘ (2022)
Suburban Architecture – ‘Dancefloor Heritage Vol 1 (Bonus Tracks)’ (2022)
So Much Soul Players – ‘Happy (Hammond)’ (2021)
Suburban Architecture – ‘Solar Winds E.P.’ (2021)
Suburban Architecture – ‘Alternative Futures E.P.‘ (2020)
Suburban Architecture – ‘Visions E.P.‘ (2019)
Chris Read & Pugs Atomz – ‘Drum Roll‘ (2017)
Chris Read & Pugs Atomz – ‘Chocolate Milk‘ (2017)
Chris Read & Pugs Atomz – ‘Baby Don’t Go‘ (2017)
Maylight – ‘One Try‘ (2016)
Maylight – ‘Digits‘ (2016)
Chris Read feat Lizzy Parks – ‘Traditions‘ (2014)
Chris Read feat Myles Sanko – ‘Magic is Gone‘ (2014)
Chris Read feat Phill Most Chill – ‘Rap Tradition‘ (2013)
Chris Read – ‘Mambo Jazz Del Pito‘ (2012)
Chris Read – ‘Sons D’Afrique‘ (2012)
Chris Read – ‘Disco Cumbia‘ (2012)

DJ Trax – ‘London Groove (Suburban Architecture Remix)‘ (2022)
EdSeven feat Tan Brown – ‘MGIC (Chris Read Remix)’ (2022)
Stan Smith & MFP feat Dipolomew – ‘Talk My Shhh (Chris Read Remix)’ (2022)
EdSeven feat Tan Brown – ‘Heart Wars (Chris Read Remix)’ (2022)
Elf Tanzporter feat Rayjah45 – ‘Soul Step (Chris Read Remix)’ (2022)
Inkswel feat Ohmega Watts & Leila Reich – ‘The Sun (Chris Read Remix)’ (2022)
Planetself feat Zion I, John Robinson & Yarah Bravo – ‘High Tide (Chris Read Remix)’ (2022)
Elf Tanzporter feat Rayjah45 – ‘Make It Public (Chris Read Remix)’
Planetself – ‘You Plus Me (Chris Read Remix)’ (2022)
EdSeven feat Tan Brown & Phat Kat – ‘I Need You To (Chris Read Remix)’ (2022)
Dream Crews (Flowz4daze & Mitsu the Beats) – ’94 Porsche 911 (Chris Read Remix)’ (2022)
Fluid Bounce (Colonel Red & Lord Byron) – ‘The Best (Chris Read Remix)’ (2022)
Inkswel feat Steve Spacek & Harvey Sutherland – ‘Outerspace Connection (Chris Read Remix)’ (2022)
Nimbus Sextet – ‘Deep Dark Blue Nights (Chris Read Remix)’ (2021)
Simba Sitoi feat Kardinal Offishall – ‘Runaway (Chris Read Remix)‘ (2020)
Nosizwe feat Guilty Simpson -‘Breathe (Chris Read Remix)‘ (2018)
Renegades of Jazz – ‘Afro Cookie (Chris Read Afro Concrete Mix)‘ (2017)
Jazz Chronicles feat Jack Jones – ‘Ya Never Know (Chris Read Remix)‘ (2017)
Mark Rae feat Tony D – ‘Trenton Tribute (Chris Read Remix)‘ (2016)
Bilal – ‘The Flow (Maylight Remix)‘ (2015)
Bev Lee Harling – ‘Come On a My House (Chris Read All Night Remix)‘ (2015)
Renegade Brass Band – ‘This Shall Not Stand (Chris Read Remix)‘ (2015)
The Impellers – ‘Not About That (Chris Read So Much Soul Mix)‘ (2015)
Algebra Blessett – ‘Nobody But You (Chris Read All Night Mix)‘ (2014)
The Pharcyde – ‘Runnin (Chris Read Remixes)‘ (2014)
Simba & Milton Gulli feat Zubz – ‘Scenario (Chris Read Remixes)‘ (2013)
Los Transatlanticos – ‘Baila Cumbia (Chris Read Latin Concrete Dub)‘ (2013)
YesKing feat Mel Uye Parker – ‘Overproof (Chris Read Remix)‘ (2013)
DJ Center feat Oddisee – ‘Leave the City Outside (Chris Read Remix)‘ (2012)
Captain Planet – ‘Samba Radiante (Chris Read Remix)‘ (2012)
Lizzy Parks – ‘This and That (Chris Read Remix)‘ (2011)
The Generation – ‘Kon Muan Khan (Chris Read Disco Dub)‘ (2010)

Compilations (Compiler):
Mr Thing & Chris Read – ‘The Library Archive Volume 2‘ (2022)
Various Artists – ‘Digging the KPM Vaults’ (2020)*
Various Artists – ‘Digging the Bruton Vaults‘ (2018)* 
Mr Thing & Chris Read – ‘The Library Archive‘ (2017)
Chris Read – ‘BBE 20th Anniversary Mix Series #3‘ (2016)*
Chris Read – ‘BBE 20th Anniversary Mix Series #1‘ (2016)*
Various Artists – ‘Digging in the Vaults‘ (2015)*
Chris Read – ‘Best of BBE Records 2013‘ (2013)*
Chris Read – ‘Latin Concrete‘ (2012)*
Chris Read – ‘BBE15: Real Music for Real People‘ (2011)
Various Artists – ‘Beat Generation 10th Anniversary‘ (2011)
Various Artists – ‘Substance presents Lyric Superbrand)‘ (2001)*

*also featured on

Compilations (Featured On):
Various Artists – ‘Cavendish Archive Remixed (Hip Hop Edition)’ (2022)
Various Artists – ‘Inner Tribe Records Sampler Vol. 1’ (2022)
Various Artists – ‘Futuristica 15’ (2021)
Various Artists – ‘BBE Records Staff Selection 2017‘ (2017)
Various Artists – ‘Joint the Groove‘ (2017)
Various Artists – ‘BBE Records Staff Selection 2016‘ (2016)
Various Artists – ‘BBE20: Attitude, Belief & Determination‘ (2016)
Various Artists – ‘BBE Records Staff Selection 2015‘ (2015)