Chris Read Discography

Chris Read Discography

  1. EboTaylor_Mixtape_1000

    Release date: 11-Apr-2018 Mr Bongo x OkayAfrica Guest Mix: Ebo Taylor mixed by Chris Read Learn more

  2. suburban-arc-BUKEM-FINAL

    Release date: 09-Apr-2018 The Architects #001: LTJ Bukem mixed by Suburban Architecture Learn more

  3. unnamed(1)

    Release date: 02-Mar-2018 Nosizwe ‘Re: In Fragments (Remixes)’ Learn more

  4. reachin-25-mixtape

    Release date: 12-Feb-2018 Digable Planets ‘Reachin’ 25th Anniversary Mixtape Learn more

  5. DiaryExpanded_2

    Release date: 16-Jan-2018 The Diary ‘World’s Greatest Rap Megamix’ (Tenth Anniversary Expanded Edition) Learn more

  6. a2823925115_10

    Release date: 15-Dec-2017 Renegades of Jazz ‘Afro Cookie’ (Chris Read’s Afro Concrete Remix) Learn more

  7. bbestaffselections2017cover

    Release date: 08-Dec-2017 BBE Staff Selections 2017 Learn more

  8. Homicide 35_v3

    Release date: 06-Dec-2017 Giles Barratt & Chris Read – Theme from Homicide 35 Learn more

  9. BBE435-Cover

    Release date: 10-Nov-2017 ‘The Library Archive’ Compiled by Mr Thing & Chris Read Learn more

  10. bizarre-ride-25-mixtape

    Release date: 02-Nov-2017 The Pharcyde ‘Bizarre Ride’ 25th Anniversary Mixtape Learn more

  11. Grand Puba_Reel to Reel 25th Anniversary Mixtape

    Release date: 26-Oct-2017 Grand Puba ‘Reel to Reel’ 25th Anniversary Mixtape Learn more

  12. stunts-blunts-25-3

    Release date: 03-Oct-2017 Diamond D ‘Stunts, Blunts & Hip Hop’ 25th Anniversary Mixtape Learn more

  13. cover

    Release date: 02-Oct-2017 Jazz Chronicles feat Jack Jones – ‘Ya Never Know’ (Chris Read Rap Renaissance Remix) Learn more

  14. SoReal_1400

    Release date: 25-Aug-2017 Nosizwe feat Guilty Simpson, Rene & Naima McClean – ‘Breathe’ (Chris Read Remix) Learn more

  15. mecca-soul-brother-25-v3-web

    Release date: 02-Aug-2017 Pete Rock & CL Smooth ‘Mecca & The Soul Brother’ 25th Anniversary Mixtape Learn more

  16. Daily-Operation-25

    Release date: 21-Jun-2017 Gang Starr ‘Daily Operation’ 25th Anniversary Mixtape Learn more

  17. Ahmad Jamal Awakening Mix_1000

    Release date: 12-May-2017 WhoSampled x Wax Poetics: Ahmad Jamal ‘The Awakening Mix’ Learn more


    Release date: 04-May-2017 Chris Read & Pugs Atomz ‘Colo(u)rs of the World’ LP Promo Mix Learn more

  19. das-efx-25-Final

    Release date: 07-Apr-2017 Das EFX ‘Dead Serious’ 25th Anniversary Mixtape Learn more

  20. CRPA-DRUMROLL-FINAL-1500x1500

    Release date: 07-Apr-2017 Chris Read & Pugs Atomz ‘Drum Roll’ Learn more

  21. cotw4-1

    Release date: 17-Mar-2017 Chris Read & Pugs Atomz – ‘Colo(u)rs of the World’ Learn more


    Release date: 24-Feb-2017 Chris Read & Pugs Atomz – ‘Chocolate Milk EP’ Learn more

  23. 16114900_1460473650640341_6449433791196002756_n

    Release date: 20-Feb-2017 Chris Read & Pugs Atomz – ‘Baby Don’t Go’ / ‘You’ 7″ Single Learn more

  24. BrazilV2

    Release date: 16-Feb-2017 Mr Bongo x The Vinyl Factory Guest Mix: Brazil 45s Volume 2 Learn more

  25. Breaksof89

    Release date: 30-Jan-2017 Classic Material: ‘The Breaks of ’89’ Learn more

  26. screen-shot-2016-12-12-at-23-27-50

    Release date: 16-Dec-2016 BBE Staff Selections 2016 Learn more

  27. 20th-mixes3

    Release date: 11-Nov-2016 BBE20 Anniversary Mix Series #3 mixed by Chris Read Learn more

  28. 20th-mixes

    Release date: 28-Oct-2016 BBE20 Anniversary Mix Series #1 mixed by Chris Read Learn more

  29. black-sheep-25-final

    Release date: 24-Oct-2016 Black Sheep ‘A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing’ 25th Anniversary Mixtape Learn more

  30. 0730003139550_1448

    Release date: 21-Oct-2016 BBE20: “Attitude, Belief and Determination” Learn more

  31. a2763909354_10

    Release date: 12-Oct-2016 Mark Rae feat Tony D – ‘Trenton Tribute’ (Chris Read Remix) Learn more

  32. lowendtheory25_706

    Release date: 24-Sep-2016 A Tribe Called Quest ‘Low End Theory’ 25th Anniversary Mixtape Learn more

  33. beats-rhymes-life-20-1000x1000

    Release date: 30-Jul-2016 A Tribe Called Quest ‘Beats, Rhymes & Life’ 20th Anniversay Mixtape Learn more

  34. stakes-is-high-1000x1000

    Release date: 12-Jul-2016 De La Soul ‘Stakes Is High’ 20th Anniversary Mixtape Learn more

  35. ALL-SOULED-OUT-25-1000x1000

    Release date: 29-Jun-2016 Pete Rock & CL Smooth ‘All Souled Out’ 25th Anniversary Mixtape Learn more

  36. de-la-soul-is-dead-25-1000x1000

    Release date: 13-May-2016 ‘De La Soul Is Dead’ 25th Anniversary Mixtape Learn more


    Release date: 29-Apr-2016 Maylight ‘One Try’ EP Learn more


    Release date: 25-Mar-2016 Maylight ‘alMighty’ LP Learn more


    Release date: 22-Mar-2016 Maylight ‘Almighty’ Promo Mix Learn more


    Release date: 04-Mar-2016 Maylight – ‘Digits / Beat of the Heart’ EP Learn more

  41. chris-read-brazil-mix-

    Release date: 08-Feb-2016 Mr Bongo x The Vinyl Factory Guest Mix: Brazil 45s Learn more

  42. BRAND-NUBIAN-25-800x800

    Release date: 07-Dec-2015 Brand Nubian ‘One for All’ 25th Anniversary Mixtape Learn more

  43. LABCAB-FINAL-1500x1500

    Release date: 16-Nov-2015 The Pharcyde ‘Labcabincalifornia’ 20th Anniversary Mixtape Learn more

  44. CRUNK-3

    Release date: 21-Aug-2015 So Much Soul presents ‘The Funky Drummers’ Part 3 (The Last Bongo in Hackney) Learn more

  45. a1535728068_10

    Release date: 03-Aug-2015 Renegade Brass Band ‘This Shall Not Stand’ (Chris Read All Night Remix) Learn more

  46. bonafide-beats-x-chris-read

    Release date: 27-Jul-2015 Bonafide Magazine Guest Mix: ‘Bonafide Beats #68′ Learn more

  47. All Night Cover v4

    Release date: 22-Jun-2015 ‘All Night’ Remixes & Productions 2010-2015 Learn more

  48. ws-house-music-samples-800x800

    Release date: 19-Jun-2015 WhoSampled Guest Mix: ‘House Music’s Top 10 Most Sampled Sources’ Learn more

  49. AllNight_PromoMix

    Release date: 12-Jun-2015 ‘All Night LP Promo Mixtape’ Learn more

  50. JUST_THE

    Release date: 31-May-2015 So Much Soul presents ‘The Funky Drummers’ Part 2 (Just the Drums) Learn more

  51. Print

    Release date: 16-May-2015 So Much Soul presents ‘The Funky Drummers’ Part 2 (Crunkies Pick) Learn more

  52. PEOPLES-MIX-800x800

    Release date: 17-Apr-2015 A Tribe Called Quest ‘People’s Instinctive Travels’ 25th Anniversary Mixtape Learn more

  53. 2NX006 WhoSampled Digging In The Vaults

    Release date: 30-Mar-2015 WhoSampled presents ‘Digging in the Vaults’ Learn more

  54. CS2686346-02A-BIG

    Release date: 16-Jan-2015 The Impellers – Not About That (Chris Read So Much Soul Remix) Learn more

  55. elo-mixcover800

    Release date: 26-Nov-2014 ELO: The Samples Learn more

  56. AB Single CRead

    Release date: 29-Sep-2014 Algebra Blessett – ‘Nobody But You’ (Chris Read All Night Remixes) Learn more

  57. READY-TO-DIE-20-800x800

    Release date: 11-Sep-2014 ‘Notorious BIG ‘Ready to Die’ 20th Anniversary Mixtape’ Learn more

  58. Chris_Read_TRADITIONS-final_700x700

    Release date: 25-Aug-2014 Traditions (YesKing Remix) / Forward Dub Learn more

  59. bnb086b

    Release date: 25-Aug-2014 Small Steps LP (Extended Edition) Learn more


    Release date: 07-Jul-2014 Classic Material: ‘The Breaks of ’88’ Learn more

  61. Screen Shot 2014-05-19 at 23.08.03

    Release date: 30-Jun-2014 Classic Material: ‘The Breaks of ’87’ Learn more

  62. Pharcyde

    Release date: 12-May-2014 The Pharcyde – ‘Runnin / Passing Me By’ (Chris Read Remixes) 7″ Single Learn more

  63. 1621871_732171896803857_302474683_n

    Release date: 02-Mar-2014 ‘Small Steps LP: Singles, Versions & Unreleased Tracks’ Learn more

  64. 1904063_732171493470564_1537945525_n

    Release date: 02-Mar-2014 ‘Small Steps LP Promo Mixtape’ Learn more

  65. 1958500_732171520137228_1504074421_n

    Release date: 22-Feb-2014 ‘Classic Material Edition #16′ Bonus Tracks Learn more

  66. 1920459_721569617864085_673363285_n

    Release date: 15-Feb-2014 Mr Bongo x WhoSampled ‘Incredible Bongo Band 40th Anniversary Mixtape’ Learn more

  67. 1926666_732171810137199_73280222_n

    Release date: 10-Feb-2014 Chris Read feat Myles Sanko & The So Much Soul Players – ‘The Magic Is Gone’ 7″ Single Learn more

  68. 1535661_804387122908610_1370073458_n

    Release date: 15-Dec-2013 So Much Soul presents ‘The Funky Drummers’ Part 1 (Just The Drums) Learn more

  69. 1468551_683067668380947_826383852_n

    Release date: 07-Dec-2013 ‘Best of BBE Records 2013′ Mixed and Compiled by Chris Read Learn more

  70. 1379865_683067645047616_805487879_n

    Release date: 06-Nov-2013 So Much Soul presents ‘The Funky Drummers’ Part 1 (Crunkies Pick) Learn more

  71. 1483001_683067361714311_1963051997_n

    Release date: 01-Nov-2013 ‘A Tribe Called Quest ‘Midnight Marauders’ 20th Anniversary Mixtape’ Learn more

  72. 545252_641269609227420_691882566_n

    Release date: 01-Oct-2013 ‘Souls of Mischief ’93 Til Infinity’ 20th Anniversary Mixtape’ Learn more

  73. 1187227_632482430106138_1977034924_n

    Release date: 10-Sep-2013 ‘Adidas Unite All Originals’ Mixtape Learn more

  74. 969123_615521211802260_1448881741_n

    Release date: 02-Sep-2013 Chris Read feat Phill Most Chill – ‘Rap Tradition’ 7″ Single Learn more

  75. 47755_615521261802255_1443171548_n

    Release date: 02-Sep-2013 Simba & Milton Gulli feat Zubz – ‘Scenario’ (Chris Read Rap Renaissance Remix) Learn more

  76. 933917_613826981971683_970269492_n

    Release date: 04-Jul-2013 WhoSampled Guest Mix: ‘Jay Z, The Samples’ Learn more

  77. 970057_599173566770358_115551458_n

    Release date: 24-Jun-2013 ‘BTGMX013 – Intelligent Sounds 1995-1997′ Learn more

  78. 1003087_599173680103680_858443777_n

    Release date: 18-Jun-2013 WhoSampled Guest Mix: ‘Kanye West, The Samples’ Learn more

  79. 8459_599173573437024_1340034846_n

    Release date: 17-May-2013 WhoSampled Guest Mix: ‘Daft Punk, The Samples’ Learn more

  80. a4124700050_10

    Release date: 03-May-2013 ‘Uptown Saturday Edits’ Volumes 1 to 4 Learn more

  81. 400578_574674922553556_1478709658_n

    Release date: 01-May-2013 Los Transatlanticos – ‘Baila Cumbia’ (Chris Read’s Latin Concrete Dub) Learn more

  82. 182243_529979380356444_2020748444_n

    Release date: 01-May-2013 YesKing feat Mel Uye Parker – ‘Overproof’ (Chris Read Remix) Learn more

  83. 408507_530263630328019_424548501_n

    Release date: 20-Jan-2013 ‘Southern Hospitality Guest Mix: Twelve 12s #43′ Learn more

  84. 421741_529979287023120_627981400_n

    Release date: 15-Jan-2013 ‘Bizarre Ride II The Pharcyde 20th Anniversary Mixtape’ Learn more

  85. 556634_529979343689781_1618167202_n

    Release date: 20-Dec-2012 Positive Flow feat Omar – ‘Do What I Do’ (Chris Read Remix) Learn more

  86. 387035_529979280356454_39845057_n

    Release date: 01-Dec-2012 DJ Vadim / Chris Read / Last Skeptik / YesKing – ‘BBE Allstars Mix’ Learn more

  87. 602906_529979313689784_344569135_n

    Release date: 23-Nov-2012 ‘Ritmos Latinos Volume 3′ Mixtape Learn more

  88. 430590_497608690260180_1382423725_n

    Release date: 09-Nov-2012 ‘Mambo Jazz Del Pito’ 7″ Single Learn more

  89. 149350_529979333689782_1500336685_n

    Release date: 14-Sep-2012 ‘Private Wax Special’ Mixtape Learn more

  90. 306139_389453167742400_185377964_n

    Release date: 01-Sep-2012 ‘Best of Perception & Today Records’ Mixtape Learn more

  91. 558739_468306823190367_1144903714_n

    Release date: 14-Aug-2012 ‘Classic Material Bonus Material’ Remix Collection Learn more

  92. 540855_441644345856615_2035471237_n

    Release date: 10-Jul-2012 DJ Center feat Oddisee – ‘Leave The City Outside’ (Chris Read Remix) Learn more

  93. 523749_441644229189960_1882477328_n

    Release date: 01-Jun-2012 ‘Classic Material Edition #15 (2001-2005)’ Mixtape Learn more

  94. 156294_420040644683652_1189688926_n

    Release date: -Dec- ‘Ritmos Latinos Volume 2′ Mixtape Learn more

  95. boutique-beats_3_400

    Release date: 10-May-2012 ‘Boutique Beats: A Tribute to MCA’ Learn more

  96. Screen Shot 2014-07-28 at 21.16.33

    Release date: 12-Apr-2012 ‘Latin Concrete: A Modern Latin Beat Suite’ Learn more

  97. 575972_389453151075735_670950032_n

    Release date: 01-Apr-2012 Chris Read & DJ Spinna – ‘Best of Perception & Today Records’ Learn more

  98. 417713_340510469303337_1195469380_n

    Release date: 05-Mar-2012 Captain Planet – ‘Samba Radiente’ (Chris Read Remix) Learn more

  99. 404511_340510519303332_1542858091_n

    Release date: 06-Jan-2012 ‘History of Hip Hop: 1980s (Live at Big Chill London)’ Learn more

  100. 407849_340510592636658_309224287_n

    Release date: 15-Dec-2011 Chris Read & Marc Hype – ‘The World’s Third Greatest Christmas Mixtape’ Learn more

  101. 418469_340510502636667_903786218_n

    Release date: 12-Jan-2011 ‘Classic Material Edition #14 (2000)’ Mixtape Learn more

  102. 407495_340510545969996_1519300628_n

    Release date: 05-Dec-2011 The Electric – ‘Overloaded’ (Chris Read Remix) Learn more

  103. 381903_307300905957627_112668153_n

    Release date: 01-Dec-2011 Chris Read & DJ Vadim – ‘Soulstep’ Mixtape Learn more

  104. 319105_294742563880128_988160247_n

    Release date: 05-Nov-2011 ‘Classic Material Edition #13 (1999)’ Mixtape Learn more

  105. 387955_287360037951714_1612093449_n

    Release date: 01-Nov-2011 ‘Spine Radio Guest Mix Volume 26′ Learn more

  106. 320725_282218135132571_489225995_n

    Release date: 10-Oct-2011 ‘Classic Material Edition #12 (1998)’ Mixtape Learn more

  107. 312878_287360251285026_1114119635_n

    Release date: 05-Oct-2011 ‘Fat City x Breakin Bread Guest Mix: New Afro Scene’ Mixtape Learn more

  108. 300952_275382532482798_1610635350_n

    Release date: 02-Oct-2011 ‘Sons D’Afrique / Dub Afrique’ 7″ Single Learn more

  109. 284845_243937008960684_4341098_n

    Release date: 05-Sep-2011 ‘BBE15: Fifteen Years of Real Music for Real People’ Mix Album Learn more

  110. 316406_271848696169515_376038408_n

    Release date: 01-Sep-2011 ‘Classic Material Edition #11 (1997)’ Mixtape Learn more

  111. 262562_252303988123986_3885922_n

    Release date: 30-Aug-2011 ‘Fat City x Breakin Bread Guest Mix: Ritmos Latinos’ Mixtape Learn more

  112. 294153_252306304790421_4167899_n

    Release date: 14-Aug-2011 ‘Classic Material Edition #10 (1996)’ Mixtape Learn more

  113. 216936_242453565775695_3084569_n

    Release date: 12-Aug-2011 ‘Disco Cumbia / Ritmos Colombianos’ 7″ Single Learn more

  114. 269024_235150469839338_4759841_n

    Release date: 01-Jul-2011 ‘Classic Material Edition #9 (1995)’ Mixtape Learn more

  115. 270464_231886420165743_5179364_n

    Release date: 01-Jul-2011 ‘Channel 4 Athletics Soundtrack 2011′ Learn more

  116. 268491_231885616832490_539812_n

    Release date: 01-Jun-2011 ‘Classic Material Edition #8 (1994)’ Mixtape Learn more

  117. 225485_211868945500824_4158377_n

    Release date: 01-Jun-2011 Maylight – ‘One Try’ (Demo Version) Learn more

  118. 227501_213759585311760_169113_n

    Release date: 01-May-2011 ‘Classic Material Edition #7 (1993)’ Mixtape Learn more

  119. 223354_207551489265903_89678_n

    Release date: 15-Apr-2011 Lizzy Parks – ‘This and That’ (Chris Read Remix) Learn more

  120. 230317_207551412599244_1197883_n

    Release date: 01-Apr-2011 ‘Classic Material Edition #6 (1992)’ Mixtape Learn more

  121. 226323_207551239265928_1613441_n

    Release date: 01-Mar-2011 ‘BBE Beat Generation 10th Anniversary Mix Album’ Learn more

  122. 196361_199637043390681_5173277_n

    Release date: 01-Mar-2011 ‘Classic Material Edition #5 (1991)’ Mixtape Learn more

  123. 181993_190650094289376_8081476_n

    Release date: 01-Feb-2011 ‘Classic Material Edition #4 (1990)’ Mixtape Learn more

  124. 150828_173920845962301_1974518_n

    Release date: 05-Jan-2011 ‘Classic Material Edition #3 (1989)’ Mixtape Learn more

  125. 156739_175530009134718_4445904_n

    Release date: 01-Dec-2010 Chris Read & Marc Hype – ‘The World’s Second Greatest Christmas Mixtape’ Learn more

  126. 77036_164405380247181_5656438_n

    Release date: 01-Nov-2010 ‘Classic Material Edition #2 (1988)’ Mixtape Learn more

  127. 78259_168852549802464_5404005_o

    Release date: 01-Nov-2010 Classic Material x Spine TV 80s Electro Bonus Mix Learn more

  128. 66931_161536197200766_661995_n

    Release date: 14-Oct-2010 ‘Classic Material Edition #1 (Part 2: 1984 to 1987)’ Mixtape Learn more

  129. 46278_156945147659871_1764107_n

    Release date: 01-Oct-2010 ‘Classic Material Edition #1 (Part 1: 1979 to 1983)’ Mixtape Learn more

  130. 46080_148807331806986_3832674_n

    Release date: 01-Aug-2010 Chris Read & Nick Armitage – ‘So Much Soul! Minimix’ Learn more

  131. d45e74bb-1561-4e8a-86b2-2390c13fc083

    Release date: 01-Jul-2010 BBE Label Mixtape Learn more

  132. 46080_148807325140320_4732939_n

    Release date: 01-Mar-2010 The Generation – ‘Kon Muan Khan’ (Chris Read’s Disco Dub) Learn more

  133. vol30

    Release date: 15-Mar-2009 Chris Read Live on Radio Zudrangma Learn more

  134. 23801_115868621767524_1017984_n

    Release date: 15-Dec-2009 Chris Read & Marc Hype – ‘The World’s Greatest Christmas Mixtape’ Learn more

  135. 23801_115868605100859_5868867_n

    Release date: 05-Jan-2010 DJ KO feat Phonte, Masta Ace, Wordsworth & K Hill – ‘Ladder of Success’ (Chris Read Remix) Learn more

  136. 23801_115868615100858_1904639_n

    Release date: 01-Nov-2009 Chris Read & Little Brother – ‘The Little Brother Show’ Learn more

  137. 46480_148809641806755_5997406_n

    Release date: 01-Nov-2009 Chris Read & Little Brother – ‘The Little Brother Show’ (Instrumentals) Learn more

  138. 23801_115868618434191_155943_n

    Release date: 02-Jul-2009 ‘The Legacy’ (World’s Greatest Jackson Tribute Mix) Learn more

  139. 23801_115868608434192_8187343_n

    Release date: 01-May-2009 Chris Read & Danny Delta – ‘Adidas Originals ‘Game On’ Mixtape’ Learn more

  140. 46080_148807321806987_181010_n

    Release date: 20-Sep-2009 X-Men – ‘Musica Negra’ (Chris Read Remix) Learn more

  141. 46346_148809608473425_6903044_n

    Release date: 01-Nov-2008 ‘The Diary Volume 1.5′ (Twenty Years of the Remix) [Instrumentals] Learn more

  142. 23801_115868601767526_5176504_n

    Release date: 01-Nov-2008 ‘The Diary Volume 1.5′ (Twenty Years of the Remix) Learn more

  143. Live at Jazz Club Birmingham

    Release date: 01-Oct-2008 Maylight Live at Jazz Club Birmingham Learn more

  144. Diary Mix Front Cover

    Release date: 01-Dec-2007 ‘The Diary’ (World’s Greatest Rap Megamix) Learn more

  145. a1084010454_2

    Release date: 01-Jun-2006 Pharrell Williams feat Jay Z – ‘Frontin’ (Chris Read Bootleg Jazz Mixes) Learn more

  146. 40967_148807288473657_38849_n

    Release date: 01-Jun-2006 ‘Coffee Table Music Volume 1′ Mixtape Learn more

  147. a1634444274_2

    Release date: 01-May-2005 “Tribute to the Adidas Shelltoe’ Learn more

  148. 40967_148807278473658_6892835_n

    Release date: 01-Jun-2004 ‘Not Necessarily Anything Else’ Mixtape Learn more

  149. a2377208162_2

    Release date: 01-Jun-2004 Chords & Promoe – ‘Supermarket Sweep’ (Chris Read Remix) Learn more

  150. a1757607751_2

    Release date: 01-Jul-2003 Ty & Aphletik – ‘Keep On’ (Chris Read Remixes) Learn more

  151. a0255364788_10

    Release date: 01-Jun-2002 Softly Recordings – Unreleased Remixes Learn more

  152. 40967_148807275140325_100846_n

    Release date: 01-Jun-2002 ‘Not Necessarily Anything In Particular’ Mixtape Learn more

  153. 40967_148807265140326_2981169_n

    Release date: 01-Nov-2001 Chris Read & Roc 1 Live on BBC Radio 1 Learn more

  154. artworks-000008860557-jrt81q-t500x500

    Release date: 01-Nov-2001 Substance Hip Hop Orchestra Live on BBC Radio 1 Learn more

  155. a1755904675_2

    Release date: 01-Mar-2009 Mad Flow feat Chris Read – ‘It’s The Who’ (S.2 Remix) Learn more

  156. a3968658812_10

    Release date: 01-Sep-2001 Mad Flow – Unreleased EP Learn more

  157. 45164_148807195140333_1095219_n

    Release date: 01-Nov-2001 ‘Lyric Superbrand’ Unreleased Tracks Learn more

  158. ear-this-retouched_4001

    Release date: 01-Jun-2001 ‘Ear This’ Mix CD for Breakin Point Magazine Learn more

  159. bangers-n-mash-front_400_new

    Release date: 01-Jun-2004 “Bangers & Mash” a collection of UK Hip Hop Classics Learn more

  160. lyric-superbrand

    Release date: 01-Jul-2001 Substance presents … ‘Lyric Superbrand’ Learn more